Who are we?

The Sunbulah brand stands for Quality, and is considered to be one of the leading and most recognized household brands in the region. Specialized mainly in frozen products and natural cheese products, Sunbulah has hundreds of different products spread over more than 10 categories.

Sunbulah Pastry Range

Sunbulah has been producing the finest quality pastry products available in the Saudi market since 1980. Our pastry range features the finest Middle Eastern, European, and Far Eastern pastries. Using the finest quality flour, state-of-the-art machinery and under the supervision of experts, this range is prepared to be the ultimate choice for home makers and chefs alike.

Sunbulah Convenience Range
This range satisfies Eastern and Western tastes alike. It includes tasty Italian Pizza, Lebanese Kubee, The Half Moon Sambosak, Middle Eastern Sambosa and Chinese Spring Rolls. All products are made with the best ingredients. They are easy to prepare as they require only a few minutes of baking or deep-frying.

Sunbulah Vegetables Range

From top quality crops around the world, we carefully select different types of vegetables and pack them using the most advanced methods to maintain their freshness and nutritional value. They are easy to store and prepare which makes using them such a convenience.

Sunbulah Meat Range

Adhering to Islamic Law and strict hygiene standards, Sunbulah produces a range of Halal meat to satisfy consumers’ needs. This range is prepared using the most advanced methods and includes a range of products with different premium spices and seasonings.

Sunbulah Chicken Range

A wide range of Halal chicken is prepared using state-of-the-art facilities adhering to the strictest quality and hygiene standards. The whole range is made of 100% pure chicken and includes a range of burgers, nuggets and fillets.

Sunbulah Seafood Range

This small but expanding range is developed using exceptional quality seafood with products such as breaded shrimp, fish fingers and fish burgers.

Sunbulah Cheese Range

Produced to keep pace with the market’s needs, our Cheese range is produced using innovative manufacturing methods to preserve the great taste, nutritional value and quality of each product.