Sunbulah's Process


About Sunbulah

Sunbulah is a brand that mainly specializes in frozen food with more than 300 different products across 10 different categories for consumers to choose from.


Sunbulah products

Sunbulah recognizes the need for creative food products, innovative ways of reducing cooking time and simplifying the overall meal preparation experience in the kitchen.


They set off and recruited experienced business and technical consultants to help them realize their vision

It all started on the grounds of a 6,000 meter pastry plant in Saudi Arabia. Three local friends create a vision of a world-class fine foods & pastry manufacturing company, the first of its kind in the country


Years later, Sunbulah had established an expert team working towards a range of products for every home.

Major construction began, state-of-the art machines and equipment were installed; in fact, one of which was the first shock freezer in the whole Middle East


All meat is of the highest quality and according to Halal standards. No additives are used with any of our products.

You now know how it started, but how does all the magic happen today? Home grown grains, veggies, fruits, and fresh meats are all taken to our Sunbulicious factories!


Working 24/7 around the yummiest pastries and products, our team's hard at work thinking of new products for you, and for us too!!!

Our state of the art machinery ensures quality and follows the highest employee safety standards. Mix that with our experts' final touch and you've got a delicious mixture!


Our products are kept frozen from factory to market, so yes, even on their way to the supermarket!!

Time to send off our loving products to their new homes in Saudi supermarkets! Air tight packaging is used to ensure freshness for all products and that all vitamins and nutrients are preserved.


You’ll easily spot our red & black packaging in the Frozen Foods section!

There you have it, our products are now in the supermarkets, waiting to be taken homes. Pastries, meats, veggies, fruits, & more!

Now you know our story, check out our vast and delicious products here!